• Dr Aaron is amazing! His passion for helping others feel healthy shows in his adjustments. I feel great every time I walk out of his clinic and always find myself coming back for more!

    Ilira Ziba Avatar
    Ilira Ziba
  • I’ve been going here for about a year and a half so it’s about time I wrote a review! Dr. Aaron, Taylor, and Ashley are knowledgeable and professional. Overall pretty cool people. Always look forward to going in to get adjusted or get a massage.

    Sean Driscoll Avatar
    Sean Driscoll
  • Dr. AARON is amazing. He puts you on a massage table to warm up your back, while you wait. Then your adjustment is a lot easier. That's just my opinion. Whenever I have a musclar-skeletal issue I go to Bear chiro first. I usually feel much better after. Come to think about it. Every time I go it helps me. And they are very good to vets and first responders.

    Tim McManus Avatar
    Tim McManus
  • Doc cracks me up every time I waddle in. He's knowledgeable in his craft, compassionate with his patients, easy on the wallet, and open to new patients. I only wish he gave out some of those crooked pens. Wayne B

    Wayne and Vicki Bickel Avatar
    Wayne and Vicki Bickel
  • Having been with BEAR for over a year I have had constantly improving results from Dr Aaron's chiropractic care. Massages from Ashley are the finishing touch for complete body care. BEAR's office manager, Taylor, is sweet and professional and knows her stuff. Thank you BEAR Chiropractic! I appreciate you!!

    lynraz Avatar
  • Amazing people. Extremely helpful. Dr. Aaron is knowledgeable and goes out of his way to make your body feel back to normal!!! Highly recommended!

    shannon moylan Avatar
    shannon moylan
  • I had a back injury while I was in the Marines, Dr. Aaron has been amazing in his treatment both himself and his staff are great people. Would recommend to anyone. My back has never felt better and I can feel the difference in my range of motion and mobility after a few secession. 👍👍

    Phillip Lahn (Chef Phill) Avatar
    Phillip Lahn (Chef Phill)
  • Really like the updates to the office! Always flexible if my schedule changes. Excellent chiropractor.

    Derek Powers Avatar
    Derek Powers
  • Dr. Aaron is the real deal. Being a healthcare provider myself I wanted someone that would be attentive to the muscles in addition to the spine. I am not interested in just a weekly adjustment with a hope and a prayer. I know recovery doesn’t work like that. I wanted education, stretches, exercises, and homework. After shopping around with multiple different chiropractors, Dr. Aaron met exceeded expectations. He is kind, patient, caring, and knowledgeable. He spends the time and thinks deeply and creatively to solve issues. I have been and will continue to be recommending him to everyone that needs the help.

    Daniel Johnson Avatar
    Daniel Johnson
  • Dr. Aaron does a great job. He is always attentive to my needs. Thank you, Dr. Aaron!

    Gayle Pohl Avatar
    Gayle Pohl
  • Aaron was fantastic! Extremely professional and friendly. He provided me with a lot of information and walked me through each step of the process. The office is very up to date with equipment as well. I highly recommend visiting Aaron for any chiropractic needs. And he is easy on the eyes!

    Josh Balabuch Avatar
    Josh Balabuch
  • Dr. Aaron is very friendly and personable. He listens and works with me on any back or neck pains I am having. I always look forward to a great adjustment from him. If there were more stars, I would give him more! Thanks Dr. Aaron, for keeping me healthy!

    Crash19691 Avatar
  • Fantastic, reliable, and very accomidating. This guy knows his craft and treats his clients with respect. Ten outta ten.

    agent _k Avatar
    agent _k
  • This place is great! I’ve had back back pain for years, and even just going once a week has helped so much! I would recommend definitely trying this place out for yourself, they staff are also super nice which is a great bonus c:

    Brianna Johnson Avatar
    Brianna Johnson
  • Dr. Aaron, Taylor and Ashley (massage therapist) are the most wonderful people. I have felt so much better in the last month since receiving chiropractic care. This office really treats you like family and not just a number. I have really appreciated how flexible they are with scheduling, also. Dr. Aaron is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Make chiropractic care part of your lifestyle at Bear Chiropractic, you will not be disappointed.

    Emily Hayden Avatar
    Emily Hayden
  • Bear chiropractic is home to a staff that cares about its patients, and is both skilled and gentle in their approach. I for one am very glad that I chose bear chiropractic for my treatment, and would recommend them highly to anyone for chiropractic Care.

    One of my favorite things is that it was explained to me exactly what treatments I needed for my back and why. I was given exercises to do to aid, and I know why doing those is a good thing.

    Travis Mandenberg Avatar
    Travis Mandenberg
  • Dr. Aaron is great! Very thorough and knowledgeable. I was having a lot of pain in my neck and upper spine, and I can tell a difference in how I feel already. The office is very welcoming and friendly as well. I am so happy I found Bear Chiropractic!

    Erin Meendering Avatar
    Erin Meendering
  • Aaron is great at what he does. I’ve been to a couple chiropractors and he is by far the best. I walked in barely able to sit down or bend over. Just 24 hours later I’m already seeing improvements! I’m excited to continue my treatment plan and stick with Bear Chiropractic for maintaining a good, healthy body in the future.

    Alexa McCray Avatar
    Alexa McCray
  • They were very happy and tried to be flexible with getting me examined. I’m hoping that I keep feeling better in the following weeks

    Josh Cline Avatar
    Josh Cline
  • Flexible hours and very personable! Very at ease and have 100% trust! Definitely recommend!

    Rachal Gort Avatar
    Rachal Gort
  • A great experience at Bear Chiropractor. Dr Aaron is very attentive and treats you like a genuine person. Asking how you are and listens. Left there feeling so much better. Julianne made the check out quickly. I am excited that they massage therapist now! Can’t wait to try it out next!

    Linda Zimmerman Avatar
    Linda Zimmerman
  • Dr. Aaron is extremely helpful, talented and professional. I highly recommend!

    Steve Shumard Avatar
    Steve Shumard
  • I've had a great experience with Dr. Aaron. I already feel the difference from my adjustments and have way less discomfort and pain. His office staff is also very warm and welcoming every time!

    Brian Fetterman Avatar
    Brian Fetterman
  • Dr. Aaron is great. He listens to any concerns or questions I have and is quick to help out. His knowledge and passion for helping his patients is so apparent!

    Christine Cooper Avatar
    Christine Cooper
  • I’ve been having a lot of neck and back pain recently. To the point where I could barely move my neck. And I was able to get an appointment scheduled to get adjusted right away.
    I also got x-rays done and I found it helpful when Dr. Aaron explained what was happening to my spine.
    No other Chiropractors I’ve seen before took the time to do that.
    Looking forward to being at 100% in no time!

    Megan Manuel Avatar
    Megan Manuel
  • Dr.Aaron is always professional and very thorough! He explains what he’s doing so you’re not uncomfortable if you’ve never been to a chiropractor. I was very nervous at first, but I’m so thankful I decided to see him! I feel amazing and he’s also helped my kids so much! Especially my young athlete! I highly recommend Dr. Aaron to any who is experiencing any type of pain, even athletes who struggle with foot pain. In combination with massage my son is feeling amazing!

    Jolieanne Ski Avatar
    Jolieanne Ski
  • I finally started seeing progress in my pain levels and decided to follow Dr . Aaron to his new location and what a great move that has been. Julie Anne and Dr. Aaron are so kind and welcoming, a fabulous business. From previous experiences I had a negative opinion of chiropractic care and feel very blessed to have found someone who is personable and provides excellent individual care. I'm so grateful to be feeling better as a whole. I highly recommend them!!!

    Karen Dys Avatar
    Karen Dys
  • Went in for my shoulder as a new patient and will definitely being going back!! Staff was friendly and welcoming and the place was nice and clean. The doctor was very good at adjusting me and giving me tips and stretches to do at home.

    Hailee Anderson Avatar
    Hailee Anderson
  • Couldn't ask for better care! You will be treated like family! Front desk is accommodating, helpful and always thinking and REMEMBERING who you are/what you like. Dr. Aaron has magic hands to help you feel like normal again. My 7 yr old son was suffering from headaches and within a week they have disappeared. Highly recommended!

    shannon moylan Avatar
    shannon moylan
  • Hands down, the best Chiropractor in West Michigan! After several surgeries and injuries I am very hesitant to let just anyone adjust me. I was given Dr. Aaron’s card from my PT at Spectrum Health. I am grateful and thankful to be under his care! I feel the best I have in a long time after his work and will continue with my treatment plan. The professionalism, expert knowledge, cleanliness, scheduling options, friendliness and genuine care is why you should give Bear Chiropractic a call, you will not be disappointed.

    Jessica Erickson Avatar
    Jessica Erickson
  • Have been going here for over a year now.. I always a great experience with Dr. Aaron & Ashley, the massage therapist! 10/10 recommend.

    Megan Hanselman Avatar
    Megan Hanselman
  • I switched chiropractors after 18 years with another doctor. I've only had two session, but I can feel a difference. Dr Aaron is patient and I didn't feel rushed (like I did with my previous chiropractor). I thought I just had "typical" back pain related to old age, but he explained everything to me so that I could understand. I literally started to tear up when Dr Aaron was explaining the different treatments. For almost 2 decades, I've been enduring back pain that could have been treated in a more appropriate way. So far I am really impressed with Bear Chiropractic. I'm grateful to have found this place!

    Jennifer Lake Avatar
    Jennifer Lake
  • Update 6/7/2022: I have since been to the office many a time - I’ve undergone a treatment plan with Dr. Aaron, gotten massages from Ashley, and have purchased insoles. Every appointment and transaction has been seamless and the interpersonal experience has been fantastic. Can’t recommend this place enough.

    Original Review: Thank you to the team at Bear chiro. I had an appointment with them the other day and felt listened to and taken care of. The process of care makes sense and the examination and adjustment thorough. I will be continuing care there from now on.

    Lee Etner Avatar
    Lee Etner
  • Dr. Aaron is a fantastic chiropractor. His passion and empathy for healing his community is truly special. I've had the luxury of having many treatments from Dr. Aaron and wouldn't recommend anyone else. Put your health in his hands and watch the results speak for themselves.

    Daniel Nye Avatar
    Daniel Nye
  • Friendly, helpful customer service. Answered all of our questions (we had several as first time chiropractor clients). Easy scheduling. Nice facility. Looking forward to quality of life changes.

    Meghan Martin Kern Avatar
    Meghan Martin Kern
  • Dr Aaron is great. I’m feeling much better. Very advanced in his knowledge of chiropractic care.

    Cindy Mikrut Avatar
    Cindy Mikrut
  • Patient-centric approach, not cookie-cutter. Very welcoming, listens to any issues you're having and addresses them accordingly, down to earth, friendly. Dr. Aaron is truly great. The office manager, Taylor, is extremely competent. She knows insurance like the back of her hand and ensures that you understand your benefits, how many visits left, costs, etc. I could not be more impressed with her work there. I've been to a few different chiropractors over the last 5 years, and this is the best place I've been without question!

    Thomas Dupuie Avatar
    Thomas Dupuie
  • Dr. Aaron is very friendly and personable. He listens and works with me on any back or neck pains I am having. I always look forward to a great adjustment from him. If there were more stars, I would give him more! Thanks Dr. Aaron, for keeping me healthy!

    Colleen Flannery Avatar
    Colleen Flannery
  • Thank you to the team at Bear chiro. I had an appointment with them the other day and felt listened to and taken care of. The process of care makes sense and the examination and adjustment thorough. I will be continuing care there from now on.

    Lee Etner Avatar
    Lee Etner
  • Dr. Aaron was efficient, thorough and thoughtful during his assessment of me. His adjustment process surprised me. He was incredibly gentle AND effective. My past chiropractic experiences have been more aggressive. Dr. Aaron successfully did a similar (if not better) adjustment. I look forward to continuing my care here!

    Bobbi Faasen Avatar
    Bobbi Faasen
  • I’ve been to so many chiropractors in my life and never got the results that Dr. Aaron gave me. I drive 50 minutes to see him because it’s worth it. He is so knowledgeable and amazing at what he does.

    Sara Szymanski Avatar
    Sara Szymanski
  • BEAR CHIROPRACTIC does an excellent job taking care of its patients. The staff here are not only helpful and receptive to patient needs, but they are also noticeably friendly and pleasant to talk to. I would highly recommend visiting BEAR for all of your chiropractic and massage needs.

    Stephanie Balaskas Avatar
    Stephanie Balaskas
  • My 6 year old had an appointment with Dr. Aaron. He was very patient, kind, and welcoming as she was nervous going to a new doctor. He made her feel comfortable and even made her laugh a few times! Very knowledgeable & helpful looking into every aspect to figure out what was causing the issue. Taylor at the front desk was also super kind and welcoming as well. Would definitely recommend!

    Taylor Trotter Avatar
    Taylor Trotter
  • Dr. Aaron is amazing! He is professional and personal. Bear Chiropractic staff is wonderful too, especially Juliann.

    Crystal Jones Avatar
    Crystal Jones
  • Dr. Aaron is super personable and his staff is wonderful too, especially Juliann! I have had fabulous care since he took over the office. I look forward to continuing my care at Bear Chiropractic!

    Kristin Durfee Avatar
    Kristin Durfee
  • Really enjoy coming to Bear chiropractor clinic. They continue to help me through my many issues of pain throughout my back, neck, hips, and shoulders.
    I recommend them to everyone who is suffering with with the various ailments that I mentioned.
    Doctor is so sweet and very knowledgeable on how to help in different degrees of pain and discomfort.

    Susan Maleski Avatar
    Susan Maleski
  • Walked in a month ago in the worst pain I have ever been in. Felt better starting after my first visit. Now I’m feeling back to normal! Dr. Aaron is very knowledgeable and kind. You will be in good hands as soon as you walk through the door. Taylor at the front desk is so good at what she does and is so personable. Highly recommend coming here! I’m moving better than I have in years.

    Julia Gomez Avatar
    Julia Gomez
  • My chiropractic care has been excellent. Dr. Aaron and staff are friendly and efficient. I recently had a massage in this office and it was top notch!

    Lynn Raczkowski Avatar
    Lynn Raczkowski
  • Aaron is a very talented Chiropractor and Ashley's massages are wonderful! Once I have an adjustment and deep tissue massage, I leave feeling relaxed and in line again.

    Danelle Sedore Avatar
    Danelle Sedore